International Students Meetings


Ana Isabel



Jean Christophe


Ana Isabel is a graduate in Fine Arts at the Uma, Interior Architect and studies English and French.
Franziska (Paqui) has a degree in LADE from the Faculty of Economics and Business of Malaga, speaks German, English, Spanish.
Denitsa is a Bulgarian Primary teacher and also speaks English and is learning Spanish.
Jean Christophe is French and works for an academy that trains future hotel managers.
Brigitte is Spanish and a teacher of children's education.


How does the exchange work? We assign mixed exchange tables and the first hour is spoken in Spanish and the second in English or another foreign language. Each participant contributes € 2 if he has been admitted to the exchange. A drink and the corresponding payment are mandatory (because the store reserves the site and hires additional staff).


Pachange Swap English-Spanish exchange with a change of partner at 60 minutes. 30 minutes are spoken in Spanish and 30 minutes in English before each change. Duration: 2 hours


If you want to participate you can click here To register directly or you can send us an email to with your data (name, age, native language, language you want to practice and level, mobile contact and email).

Registration is only valid if you receive an email from us with confirmation of your participation. If you do not receive any email it means that you are on the waiting list or you should check your SPAM email.

Anyway if you do not receive any reply within 25h working, you can contact us by email to check that we have reached your registration correctly. It is necessary to register again for each meeting, that is, the registration only counts for the meeting that is announced on the website at the time of registration.inscripción

AFor more information do not hesitate to contact us: